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Frequently Asked Questions
What cargo can be delivered by plane?
We deliver general, heavy, valuable, dangerous, oversized, perishable goods. Optimal transportation conditions are selected for each case.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of air delivery?
The advantages of air freight include access to anywhere in the world, speed of delivery and low cost of insurance. The disadvantages include the high cost compared to alternative modes of transportation.
Is it possible to track cargo during the air transportation?
Many airlines allow you to track the progress of cargo delivery from departure to arrival at the destination airport.
What documents are required for air transportation of goods?
For air transportation of goods it is necessary to issue a consignment note, which contains complete information about the cargo, flight and details of the parties; pro forma invoices containing information on the cost of cargo; packing list, which defines the characteristics of the goods; some additional documents, depending on the type of goods. Our company provides assistance in obtaining all necessary documents and permits for air freight.
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