Cargo delivery from Europe

Efficient delivery of any goods from Europe from the sender to the recipient on a turnkey basis

Delivery and customs clearance of goods from EU countries with minimal time and material expense

Frequently Asked Questions
From which European countries do you deliver goods?
We deliver cargo from Italy, Germany, Poland and other European countries.
What kind of transport do you use to deliver goods from Europe?
We choose the most suitable transport, as well as the optimal route for cargo delivery from European countries. In addition, we will suggest you the correct solution to nonstandard problems.
What is a transit warehouse service?
By using the services of transit warehouses, you can reduce the transporting costs and simplify the freight schemes (coordinating the shipment of diferent goods from different senders, while carrying them to specific recipients).
What products are your warehouses suitable for?
Warehouses of our partners are equipped for high-quality storage of any goods, including those requiring special temperature and humidity conditions.
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