Sea Freight

International shipping in containers of various types and classes

Transportation of various cargoes from any seaport of the world with the minimum risks and the maximum economy of time

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of container shipping?
Compared with transportation by rail, as well as air and trucking, sea freight can significantly reduce the cost of products offered for sale and technical processes in production.
What are the tariffs for sea container transportation? What does it depend on?
The cost of transportation is determined individually depending on the distance, weight and volume of cargo.
What types of containers are exist?
Dry Container for dry cargo, Open Top for top-loading cargo, Flat Rack for oversized cargo, Platform for oversized and heavy cargo, Tank for liquids, Bulk for bulk cargo, REF for perishable cargo.
Is shipping safe?
Sea freight offers the best value for money and guarantees the safety of cargo.
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